Interview: Philipp Reiter

– Philipp Reiter, you are on the International Team Salomon. Could you give a short summary of yourself and why you run?

I just love spending time moving outdoors and to be in the mountains – running, biking, climbing or skitouring. For me running is a great way to discover beautiful places and via races you get to see stunning places in remote areas you otherwise wouldn’t even think about. But I am not really a professional runner it’s more an extended hobby and I am studying at the university of Salzburg to become a teacher for mathematics and biology. Luckily it’s the summer break now


Foto: Reiter/Salomon

– How did you get into Team Salomon International?

4 years ago I was running the Transalpine Run (crossing the Alps from North to South in 8 stages in a team of 2) with a friend of mine who is in the German Salomon Team since 10 years now. So I got in touch with the brand and as we were seen as a quite good and funny team they asked me if I want to join the “Salomon family”…

– Why do you search for longer distances, such as ultra trail?

For me it’s very fascinating to see what the body is able to achieve. Looking down at my tiny legs it seems unbelievable that they can run for 10 hours. You don’t only need to be fit physically but also very strong in the mind and it’s tactics too (when to eat, what gear to take,…). And as the arrival is not always garanteed due twisting the ankle, problems with the stomach or just extreme lack of energy it’s more an adventure trip than a race.

Philipp Reiter 4421

– What does trail running gives you, compared to be running on flat tarmac?

You can count the runs I do per year on the tarmac with two hands. It’s so super boring, damages your body (at’s it’s always a similar movement) and seeing the end of the point you want/have to run to is just horrible for me. And it’s difficult to find sports on the road that are qiet and not dangerous from crazy car drivers. In trailrunning which I would call the “funny running” you find much more pleasure, piceful places, a natural movement and it’s just a nicer surrounding.

– When following you on facebook, it seems as if you are training for several hours every day. Do you follow a specific training schedule, and how much do you train? And is there any time for restitution?

I don’t have a training plan or a coach but I do have talked with a lot of runners to discus their way of training and preparation and do know the “basic rules” of how to do it. Trying out different things more or less successful on my own helped me to find my own way how I feel comfortable. Maybe the results could be better with a strict plan but for what? Being too much focused you loose your own balance and in the end it’s just a fight for the “golden pinapple” Yes, of course, time for recovery is as important as training!!!

– You just did a great job at the Skyrunning Mont Blanc 80 km World Championship (5’th place). How much did you train pre-race? And were you happy about your achievement?

Yes, I am quite happy about my result in the Skyrunning World Championship as it was a really challenging course with really 6.000m+ and sometimes very technical. But I really liked the running in the shadow of the Mount Blanc 🙂


Thank you Philipp for the great interview! Good luck in the future, with bigger dreams and goals! Check out his Facebook or website

– Team Trail Copenhagen


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