Salomons kvindelige skarpskytte: Anna Frost

Salomon er fantastiske til at udvælge de bedste løbere i verden, og 2011 har været et fantastisk år for det succesrige brand. Løb som Salomon har vundet kan nævnes: Leadville 100, WS 100, Hardrock, UTMB, Racing the planet; Nepal mm. En af atleterne er Anna Frost, en kvindelig ultraløber der er kendt for altid at være glad og fantastisk team player (præcis som Thomas Lind), uanset mængden af træning der ligger forude. Nedenfor er et interview med den succesfulde løber, bragt af Salomon: 

Anna Frost made another successful 2011 season, winning many races around the world (6foot Marathon – Australia / 4 Trails – Germany / Table Mountain – South Africa / 3 Peaks – UK / Trans-Rockies – United States). Anna has the distinction of being always happy, to speak for three, and to bring a very good atmosphere in the team! We always have a good time with her, so it’s always a pleasure to find her at all the races!

After San Francisco 50 miles victory, you were injured for nearly six months, can you explain what happened?

I trained very hard for the month leading up to the race. Doing about 5 hours a day of running and cross training. Also over the month, I lost 5kg, which was maybe too much,  and my body responded to the stress by going into amenoreaha (when menstruation ceases…) and being prone to injury. One was a stress fracture in my heel and the other was a problem in my knee.

Have you changed your training this year to prepare this race? Why are you coming back?

No, my training was very similar to last year as I found it worked and with my lack of experience in Ultra Running, this is all I know ! Again this year, did 5hours a day with a combination of running and cross training but with more focus on more running miles.

When I finished last year, I swore never to do it again, but after some months of recovery and reflexion, I became intrigued and wanted to revisit the challenge.

Throughout the year, you run shorter distances, is it one of your wishes to extend the distance? Which is the race that you dream to compete in 2 or 3 years?

I am very passionate for the mountain marathon distances, I enjoy pushing myself hard for a time of around 4hours covering amazing mountains summits. However, I also enjoy the challenge that Ultra Running provides, so I would like to continue exploring one or two Ultra Races in the year.

UTMB would be an experience that would be unforgetable.

Last year, you finish 13’ in front of Lizzy Hawker for your first 50 miles, have you considered the level of your performance during the race?

No, I was just mentally working to keep going, it was all so new to me the pain, the distance, the mental barriers, were all my main ambitions to overcome and amazingly I was able to keep going to the finish in one piece just !

What is the difference between 50 miles and Sky-Running in which you usually participate?

Sky Running is fast and furious ! The mountains are steep and technical and it’s physicaly demanding from the start to the finish. The difference for me is the mental capacity needed in Ultra.

What do you expect this year in San Francisco ?

I have done all the training and preparation I can do and I’ve enjoyed that. Now, it’s just down to who can push through the pain barrier the best on the day. My main focus is to finish and enjoy and learn from all the ups and downs the race will throw at me.

What’s your secret to being so strong at the end of race?

The faster I go, the sooner the pain is over ; )

You lost 5kg in a month … a lot of girls would do the same! What was your program?

A lot of hard training and a strict but balanced diet.

Diet example : a lot of fruits and vegetables, a combination of high protein meals after training and carbohydrate fueling during training. Plus lot of fluid.

Training example : i did 3x 4hours plus runs a week. 2×2.5hours runs a week. 2x1hour run a week. And filled up the rest of my days with cycling, swimming, weights, cardio at the gym.


– Andreas


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